Services Provided

My offer these services with website design.

  • A complete website for photographers or a business using photographs often.  You will be able to upload pictures and add a watermark to your pictures. PayPal payments can be accepted by customers who order prints from your website.
  • A picture gallery that allows you to organize and categorize pictures for customers to view.  This is great for both personal and business websites to showcase family or vacation pictures,  or to showcase products available at a store. (see example at
  • A picture slideshow to show motion and interaction for visitors – if a slideshow appears on your front page or another page.
  • Image links on your page(s) or image links/slideshows on your website side panels, footer, or banners.
  • Contact forms so visitors can fill out a form directly on your website to inquire about services – which is then sent to the website owner.
  • Mobile device compatibility.  If customers are viewing your website from a mobile device, your site is automatically tailored for mobile viewing instead of computer viewing.
  • A website blog (usually used for personal sites) that allows you to quickly make posts to your website to share with others.
  • A website calendar so customers or visitors can easily see a list of events
  • Hover-over and drop-down menus that allows for a good way to organize a large number of pages in categories – much like our menu at the top that includes both hover effects (the color changes when you hover over the link) and drop-down effects (a drop-down menu appears if you hover over Blog or Media above)
  • Social networking integration that allows visitors to give a Google+1 or a Facebook Like to share your site with others.
  • Social network advertising.  Posts can be made on Facebook (up to 25 posts per month).
  • Restaurant sites, listing menus, hours and specials offered.
  • The ability to sell digital products online – such as an eBook or software product – that interface with PayPal for payments
  • eCommerce capabilities to sell products online with shopping cart technologies that interface with PayPal for payments

There are a lot of different features that you can have on a website.  Each of these features can make your site look professional and better inform your customers.

Responsive Websites: Be Seen Everywhere.

All of our websites can be seen on all devices. They will shrink or expand depending on what your customers are using. Your new website will look great on laptops, tablets, and phones!

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