On The Grill

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, cooking on the grill is delicious. I've been known to cook meals in the winter, during rainy weather and also in the heat of the summer.  Grilling gives foods a different, earthy taste. The thing about grilling is that you can use charcoal or wood chips. One of my favorites is Applewood chips.

Just like in a slow cooker, you can make anything on a grill. For breakfast, you can make eggs, sausage, and bacon and also a pot of coffee! Also, bread and dessert can be grilled.  One of my kid's favorite desserts is grilled donuts.  Just take day-old glazed donuts and toss them over the flame for thirty seconds to a minute per side. The soft, sugary mixture on the donut is warm and the kids love the grill marks left on their special treat.

When it comes to the type of grill you should use, that just becomes a choice of preference. Some people swear by charcoal, where others will only cook on an electric. Another great choice would be a smoker because a smoker not only allows a slow smoke but can also be used as a grill.

One of my favorite foods cooked is fruits and vegetables.  My family loves to slice up pears, watermelon, and lettuce and toss them on the flame.  If you toss a little salt over the foods before pulling them off and putting on a plate, it gives an extra punch to the smoky, sweet flavor.

Whatever meal you decide to prepare outdoors, make it rememberable.  Feel free to browse the recipes below and don't forget to share your experience in the comments below!





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