Chicken is inexpensive and easy to cook. So with that in mind, grilling the meat or tossing it in the slow cooker are two ways to get a great meal using this type of meat. Because there are so many options, consider soaking your meat in a marinade prior to baking, or give yourself a shot at making the skin a fried crisp. There are some parts of the animal that are juicier than others, which means be careful cooking the breast for instance, because it can dry out more. Because there will be dishes you want to make with a juicy part, then the thighs are the part to choose. Whatever you decide to try, I'm sure your family and friends will enjoy the meal and clean their plates for a second helping!

As I always say, please browse the recipes below. Some are just a recipe for the meat and others are for the meat as well as a side dish. Find your favorite ones and share your experience with us in the comment section below.