Bars and Brownies – A Dessert Favorite

One of the best desserts you can serve yourself and your family are bars and brownies.  The reason why is because everyone enjoys them! These are easy to make and are terrific to serve at school and work functions. This is a good alternative to cookies and cakes and still pack a powerful punch.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to bars and brownies.  I like to make chocolate brownies for my kids, adding dried or fresh fruit and any kind of nut to the mixture.  Some of our favorites are cranberries with walnuts, apple with cashew and pear with almonds. Other times I add marshmallow cream or caramel sauce. When I do that, I just pour in into the batter after placing the batter in the pan. Then I take a knife and make a swirl pattern throughout the whole mixture, making sure to blend it well.

When it comes to bars, there are so many recipes to choose from, but if you're like me, you'll discover your favorites, real quick.  I like to make this dessert when my children have a school function and the parents bring treats for the children, teachers and other parents to eat.  These are also great to make when I'm invited to a social function, such as a baby shower or Saturday brunch.  Some bars are heavy and more savory than others, I like the lighter bars, but regardless, they all taste amazing!

Whether bar or brownie you choose to make, they are guaranteed to be everyone's favorite. Take some time to browse the recipes below to find a treat to bake tonight. Share your ideas in the comments below!