Breakfast Dish Recipes – Hot and Savory

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day.  I, myself, don't always eat breakfast in the morning. However, I love breakfast foods and have no problem serving the meal for lunch or dinner.

There are no limits when it comes to making the first meal of the day. With that said, it's possible to look beyond cereal and eggs with toast.  Eggs are my favorite morning food, however, tarts are a close second.  Another favorite dish is a quiche, because it's not just eggs, but vegetables too. Sometimes I serve fruit desserts to my son before we start our day. He enjoys those dishes, because they are sweet and he loves fruit! After all, who doesn't love fresh fruit? One of his favorite breakfast fruit is grapes and the ducks love them too!

Some of the dishes are easy for my son to help make. For example, donuts are fun for kids to help with and when they know they helped make them, they enjoy eating them even more.  Another dish would be the classic pancake. All you have to do is measure out the ingredients and allow them to pour all of it into a bowl and start mixing.  That time spent together, first think in the morning, is a bonding moment that nobody can take away.

Whenever I find myself pressed for time and I haven't planned a dinner meal, bacon and eggs with hash browns always saves me.  When all of my kids are together with me, I like to make a variety of dishes that contain any of those staple ingredients. Not to mention, my kids enjoy it too.

Browse through the recipes below and try serving them any time of the day!