Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

If you’re like me, then you love fried green tomatoes. When you’re shopping for green tomatoes, look for ones that have verticle stripes or other variations in the coloring.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Total Time15 mins
Course: Vegetables
Keyword: Fried Green Tomatoes
Yield: 4 Servings
Author: The Neelys - Food Network


  • oil
  • 4 green tomatoes, cut into ¼-inch rings
  • kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • ¾ cup flour
  • 1 Tbsp garlic powder
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 Tbsp milk
  • 1 ½ cups panko bread crumbs
  • pinch cayenne pepper
  • pinch paprika
  • buttermilk dipping sauce, recipe fallows

Buttermilk Dipping Sauce:

  • 1 cup apple cider
  • 1 Tbsp brown sugar
  • ¾ cup buttermilk
  • ¾ cup mayonnaise
  • 2 Tbsp BBQ sauce
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 4 scallions, sliced thin
  • kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


  • In a deep-fryer, preheat oil to 350° F.
  • Season tomatoes, on both sides, with salt and pepper. Place flour and garlic powder in a shallow dish. In another shallow dish, beat eggs with the milk. In another dish, mix bread crumbs with cayenne and paprika. Dredge tomatoes through the flour, then the eggs, and then through the bread crumbs. Add only a few pieces to the fryer at a time, so they can cook evenly; about 2 to 3 minutes. Drain on paper towels and serve with Buttermilk Dipping Sauce:

Buttermilk Dipping Sauce:

  • In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the apple cider and brown sugar. Allow to reduce until thick and syrupy. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • In a medium bowl, add buttermilk, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce and lime juice and whisk well. Add in the scallions and the apple cider mixture. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve with Fried Green Tomatoes.

If you don’t have a deep-fryer, you can purchase one like mine here.

Otherwise, fill a large stockpot with oil and heat. Use a large serving spoon to lower and remove the green tomatoes.

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