Crazy for Mussels


Mussels are one of my all-time-favorite seafood dishes! They are meaty, yet delicate in texture and have a salt-water taste to them.  When you purchase mussels, look for glistening shells that are tightly closed. That’s a sign that the mussels are alive.

Prepping and cooking the mussels is super easy, anyone can do it!  Start with a good scrub and rinse, making sure to remove any mud on the shells.  If any of the mussels have an open shell, try to tap it shut.  If it doesn’t close, just toss it.  Sometimes you might see the beard, it looks like a stringy weed hanging out of the shell, near the hinge.  The beard helps the mussel attach to rocks, but it is awful and removing it prior to cooking is the best thing to do.

Mussels can be eaten baked, smoked, fried, broiled and steamed. An easy way to cook the mussels is to combine either bottled beer and some mustard in a pot or white wine, garlic and herbs.  Toss in the mussels and cover. Cook them for about 5 minutes, or until the shells start to open. Transfer to a plate and Then Enjoy!

Health Benefits of Mussels

  • High in protein and iron, while low in fat. An increase in protein and iron helps boost mood, energy levels and complexion.
  • High in Vitamins A and B12.  Vitamin A is great for the skin, eyes and immune system. While B12 helps prevent anemia and helps keep the bodies nerve and blood cells healthy.
  • They improve brain function.

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