Coloring Easter Eggs

Hi y’all. . It’s the season of celebration and I’m so excited about it. Although we’re social distancing, I’ve tried to keep the spirit of the season alive in our house! Tonight Sloan and I were coloring Easter eggs. This year, we did our Easter egg coloring a little bit different. It wasn’t messy and Sloan enjoyed it so much.


What you’ll need for this Easter egg coloring session is hard boiled eggs, vinegar, Cool Whip (or any brand whipped topping), food coloring (preferably gel food coloring), cake pans, and a skewer or butter knife.


After you’ve boiled your eggs and let them have time to cool, place them in a pan or deep, wide bowl. Pour vinegar over the eggs until they are covered and let them sit for 3 minutes. (Make sure not to go beyond 3 minutes, the acid can break the strength of the egg shell). Drain vinegar after 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, place the whipped topping in a cake pan. If you want separate pans for different color combinations, then go for it! Put one drop of food coloring in random spots of the whipped topping. Alternate food coloring, leaving space between drops. After that, just take your skewer or other pointed object and draw lines through the whipped topping, swirling the colors together. (Don’t mix it too much or too hard, because it can muddle the colors.)

We did two separate tubs of whipped topping, because he wanted the chosen colors mixed together.

Next, roll your sleeves up and grab an egg! It’s so much fun, just roll the egg through the whipped topping until the egg is completely covered, to your satisfaction. We let our eggs sit in the mixture for two hours. It’s safe to take them out after thirty minutes, but the longer they sit in the colored whipped topping, the more vibrant the color will be.

The final step is to take the eggs out of the whipped topping mixture and rinse them off with cool water. . Then take photos of your creation.

Happy and safe Easter to everyone!



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