Coffee Filters Aren’t Just for Coffee


Coffee filters may not reside in everyone’s kitchen, but they should!  They are both inexpensive and serve multiple purposes.  Since I like to share good tips with y’all, here is a list of ideas to use your coffee filters for.

  • They can be used to remove nail polish.
  • Stop your sandwich from getting soggy.  Wrap your sandwich in a coffee filter before you place it in a plastic sandwich bag.
  • Use as a cover over your dish when microwaving to prevent splatters.
  • Wrap a filter around your child’s ice cream cone or popsicle to catch messy drips.
  • Wipe a damp coffee filter down a cob of corn to remove silks on the corn.
  • Heat tortillas in the microwave by placing a couple of them between two damp coffee filters and microwave for a few seconds.
  • Use to filter pulp and seeds out fo fresh citrus juices.
  • Fold and use to spread oil, butter or shortening on a baking pan.
  • Place freshly fried foods on top of coffee filters to absorb oil and grease.
  • Use them as toss away bowls for kids snacks.
  • Line the kitchen scale prior to weighing food.
  • Coffee filters are lint-free and make a great tool for cleaning glass, tv screens, appliances, and other furniture.
  • Use a coffee filter at the bottom of your flower pot before planting. This will allow the water to drain and keep the soil in place.
  • Sprout seeds by placing seeds inside a damp coffee filter and putting it in a plastic bag.
  • Crafts . . . .  and more crafts!
  • Shredded unbleached coffee filters can be used on the floor of small pet cages, i.e. mouse, hamster, rabbit.

Author: Acookingcountrygirl

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